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Considerations when renting or leasing a floor grinder
Floor grinders are an essential tool for those who are working with concrete flooring. These machines help to make the job of preparing a concrete floor much faster and easier, and the results look fantastic when in the hands of a competent contractor.

The grinders have discs that rotate horizontally within the housing. They literally grind away at the surface of the floor, and they are helpful for a number of different tasks. They can remove paints and thin coatings on the floor, and they can even provide some texture, which can make it easier to prep the floor for a new coating.
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25 Inch Lavina Planetary Grinder Single Phase 220v 30AMP 10HP 550lbs

LAVINA 25-X is a 25-inch 3-head grinder/polisher, and one of our most versatile and best selling floor machines. It is an entirely redesigned chain driven planetary system for increasing the ease of m ...
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20” Lavina Planetary Grinder Single Phase 220v 30AMP 7.5HP 350lbs

Our Lavina 20-X machines are 20-inch three-head forced planetary grinders and polishers. They are very efficient, easy to use and transport, and suitable for small to medium size jobs. ...
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32 Inch Lavina Planetary Grinder 3Phase 240v 60AMP 20HP 965lbs

The 20 HP LAVINA 32-X is one of our heaviest and most powerful machines, featuring 20 hp motor, 700 lbs grinding pressure (up to 825 lbs with weights), six 9-inch heads and chain-driven forced planeta ...
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7” Metabo Hand Grinder 110volt

Metabo's W 24-180MVT is a 7" Angle Grinder. It is the Industry Standard. This is a FULL KIT. INCLUDES LOOP HANDLE AND DUST SHROUD! Machine is suitable for operation with 120-Volt dire ...
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32 Inch Husqvarna PG820 Grinder 3Phase 240v 43Amp 17HP 1000lbs

The Husqvarna PG 820 is the largest in the range of surface preparation and finishing machines. Equipped with Dual Drive Technology™ the PG 820 is among the market’s most powerful and effi ...
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5” Bosch Crack Chaser

Bosch 1775E 5″ Tuckpoint Grinder Perfectly suited for the professional Tuck pointer. Designed specifically for removing brick mortar. Features 8.5 Amps; 11,000 RPM Length 13.75& ...
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BMG-555 PRO Grinder/Polisher

SPECIFICATIONS: Grinding Width: 22 in. (559mm) Tool Diameter: 7 in. (240mm) Tooling Speed: 350-1100 RPM Motor Speed: 580-1750 RPM Motor: 7.37hp Electric Motor Amperage:& ...
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Diamatic BMG 780 Pro

SPECIFICATIONS: Grinding Width: 30 in. (762mm) Tool Diameter: 9 in. (240mm) Tooling Speed: 400-1200 RPM Motor Speed: 580-1750 RPM Motor: 23 hp max.   Amperage: ...
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Diamatic BMG 735 Propane

Grinding Width: 28 in. (711mm) Tool Diameter: 9 in. (240mm) Tooling Speed: 350-1100 RPM Motor: 35 hp Propane Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm)Ø  Dimensions:& ...
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Mastercraft 16

The multi-purpose machine is designed for surfacing concrete floors, restoring or preparing wood decks and hardwood floors. Unique belt drive, three-head system is designed for smooth operation with s ...
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TERRCO 3100 Floor Grinder, 28

The mid range model Terrco© 3100 Grinding and Polishing machine is robust, durable and highly efficient, designed to satisfy the most demanding project specifications.   It is easy to oper ...
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Terrco 701 28

Optimal for jobs under 5,000 sq. ft. Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Guards Stainless Steel Water Tanks Wet/Dry Setup Direct Drive, No Belts Leveling System Adjustable Handle, Uses Plug Sto ...
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Features of floor grinders

Contractors will often use floor grinders when they are trying to prepare the surface of the concrete for decorative coatings. Since it will not create any deep ridges in the surface, which other machinery can cause, it also works well to get the floor ready for a coat of paint. They can also help to remove dirt and grease, making it easier to keep the flooring looking good.

If the contractor chooses to use a grinder along with a fine grit abrasive, they can polish the surface of the concrete. There are many different applications for a floor grinder.

You have a number of options when it comes to the models and type of floor grinders available. Most of the machines available will have a vacuum port so you will not have to worry about dust while grinding. There are walk-behind models, which are very common, especially when working with larger concrete slab surfaces. However, there are also smaller handheld models that might suit some contractors better based on the job they are performing at the time. The smaller units work quite well to remove bumps from concrete, as well as graffiti.

In addition to the grinder itself, consider the attachments. Check to see what attachments come with the rental, as well as what other attachments might be available. You want to have all of the parts you need to handle your particular job, whatever it might be.

Floor Grinder Manufacturers

Many brands are available when it comes to floor grinders today. A few of the most popular manufacturers making this type of equipment include Husqvarna, MK Diamond, CS Unitec Inc., Marindus Co. Inc., and Dual Manufacturing Company, Inc. Figure out the brand and the model that will work best for you before making your rental choice.

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