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Considerations when renting a refrigerator
You will find that there are many different types of lab refrigerators available, and that they come in many sizes. Some are standing refrigerators that will take up a large part of the lab. Others are small, under the counter options that you can tuck away discreetly. The one that you choose will depend on the amount of space you have and the number of samples or specimens you need to keep cool regularly. Some refrigerators have different temperature ranges, and that’s something you need to consider as well.
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Sanyo Biomedical Refrigerator SR-L4110W

120 Volt, 60Hz, 1.3Amp. Refrigerant: 134A:3.5 oz Design Pressure: High size 235 psi, Low side 140 psi. ...
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True Double Door Refrigerator Model GDM-41

Oversized, factory balanced, refrigeration system holds 33°F to 38°F (.5°C to 3.3°C).  Exterior - non-peel or chip black laminated vinyl; durable and permanent.  Interior ...
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Sanyo Medical Model MPR-1013 Temp Range: +2°C to +14°C

Sanyo Medical Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Model MPR-1013 FEATURES Adjustable temperature:  control range: +2°C to +14°C Exterior: Painted steel Interior: Stainless steel Door 2 ...
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LR 130 Laboratory Refrigerator (130 liter)

Refrigerator +2°C/+8°C 4.6 cu.ft. (130L) ...
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SANYO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator MPR-720 Temp Range: 2°C to 14°C

REF:F4 Sanyo Medical Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Model MPR-1410 FEATURES  Adjustable temperature control range:  2° C to 14°C 1 x double pane glass doors, self closing Int ...
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Thermo Scientific General-Purpose Series Lab Refrigerator

Performance: Digital temperature controller with intuitive interface Excellent temperature stability of ᄆ3ᄚC High-density, fluorine free insulation Automatic defrost Security: Optional chart recor ...
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Features of refrigerators

lab refrigerator rentalMany of the refrigerators have glass doors. Due to the quality of the construction, the cold air is not lost through the glass though, and you can be sure that the specimens, vaccines, or other items that you place within refrigerator will remain at the correct temperature. The unit will contain shelving, and the number and size of the shelves will differ based on the particular model and size of the unit. They will also have controls so you can set the temperature to exactly what you need. Some of the refrigerators will have different temperature ranges, as well as a different number of doors. It’s also possible that some will have a sensor system and alarm monitoring, as well as internal lighting, although this is not the case with all of the models.

How refrigerators work

The refrigerator works quite simply. In fact, the basic operation is not much different from a refrigerator you might have at home. It has a large chamber with shelves, and you can place the items you need to keep chilled on these shelves. The refrigerators are able to maintain a constant temperature to keep your samples safe.

About refrigerators

If you need to store vaccines, or you need a cool place to keep samples, then a refrigerator is your best option. It won’t freeze specimens like a freezer, but it keeps them at a nice and cool temperature. These lab refrigerators are in use in countless facilities around the world. They are a benefit to laboratories that conduct research, healthcare facilities, and much more.

Refrigerator Applications

  • Research labs
  • Healthcare facilities

Refrigerator Manufacturers

  • Panasonic
  • True
  • Thermo Scientific
  • FDM
  • KW
  • Aqualitic
  • Lovibond
  • Telstar
  • Kirsch
  • Tempo
  • Norlake

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