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Freezer rentals

  • Brand
    •  Norlake
    •  Nuaire
    •  Sanyo
    •  SO-LOW
    •  Thermo
  • Form
    •  Upright
    •  Chest
    •  Benchtop
  • Min Temperature (deg C)
    •  -10 to -20
    •  -20 to -30
    •  -30 to -40
    •  less than -40
  • Capacity (cu. ft.)
    •  10 - 15
    •  15 - 20
    •  20 - 25
    •  25 - 30
    •  greater than 30
Considerations when renting or leasing a freezer
When renting a laboratory freezer, consider this...
Here are some important factors to consider and questions to ask when determining which laboratory freezer rental or lease best meets your needs:
  • What are the specifics of your appliction?
  • Does your application require a specific laboratory freezer make, model or configuration?
  • Do you need an upright freezer, under-counter or benchtop freezer, or chest freezer?
  • How much space do you have in your laboratory to place your freezer?
  • What are the size and capacity requirements of your lab freezer?
  • What is the temperature range requirement - do you need to rent or lease an ultra low lab freezer? (Commonly requested lab freezers can reach temperatures  of -80 degrees, -86 degrees and -20 degrees).
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US Scientific USDW-HL100

Capacity (LTR): 100 Temp (°C): -10 to -86 Cu Ft: 3.5   ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

US Scientific USDW-HL388S

Capacity (LTR): 388 Temp (°C): -10 to -86 Cu Ft: 13.7   ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

US Scientific USDW-HL538S

Capacity (LTR): 538 Temp (°C): -10 to -86 Cu Ft: 19   ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

US Scientific USDW-HL778S

Capacity (LTR): 768 Temp (°C): -10 to -86 Cu Ft: 27.1   ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Arctiko ULUF 65 (-80C / 1.9 cubic feet)

Product Description As a part of this range, the ULUF 65 can be used as either a benchtop or undercounter model. Storage applications for Arctiko’s ultra-low temperature freezers include: &b ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Revco -30C High-Performance Lab Freezer

Temp Range  -30°C Constant Temperature Amperage 8A Capacity 4.9 cu. ft., 139L Breaker 15A Cabinet TypeUndercounter cabinet Capacity (English)4.9 cu. ft. Capacity (Metric)1 ...
Rent from
Lease as low as


Model 907 Temperature Range-86 DEG C-86 DEG C Chamber Dimensions25x36x51 IN25x36x51 cm Voltage230 VOLTS230 VOLTS Frequency50/60 HERTZ50/60 HERTZ Phase1 Current12 AMPS12 AMPS Type of FreezerUP ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Revco -86° Freezer Model ULT1786-D12

Product No. : 8617AU1M-522 Model No. : ULT1786-D12 Doors : one, solid Capacity : 17Cu. ft. Temperature : -86 deg C Voltage : 115 V ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Revco Model ULT2186-5-D12 Freezer

Exterior Dimensions: 39" x 35" x 79"  (WxDxH) Interior Dimensions: 28-1/2" x 23" x 50"  (WxDxH) Voltage: 208/230V 5 Shelves ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Revco Model ULT2186-7-D12 Freezer

Capacity: 20.2 cu. ft. / 572L   Exterior Dimensions: 40” W x 35” D x 79” H Interior Dimensions: 28” W x 23” D x 50” H Temperature R ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Revco Model ULT2586-9-D14 Freezer

Temperature Range: −10 C to −86 C Volume: 24 cu. ft. Interior Dimensions (H x D x W): 50-1/2 x 23 x 34 inches Exterior Dimensions (H x D x W): 79 x 36 x 44-1/2 inches ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Revco ULT freezer Model ULT1786-7-A14

Capacity: 17.2 cu. ft. Temperature Range: -50°C to -86°C Weight: 720 lbs Shelves: 5 fixed interior shelves Doors: Single; Hinged, Opens Left to Right ...
Rent from
Lease as low as

Features of freezers

lab freezer rentalThere are many different types of freezers available in a range of sizes and configurations. You can find under the counter freezers, chest freezers, doublewide freezers, and freestanding models. Some of the models available have auto defrost, which is very helpful in a laboratory setting. Others will still have manual defrost, and you will need to do so on a regular schedule to maintain the integrity of the freezer. Some may also have temperature data logging, and even alarms in the event that the temperature drops too much. This allows users to realize that something is wrong with the freezer and to take action.

How freezers work

lab freezer rentalThe freezer, even though it is essential, is very simple to use. The freezers may have different configurations in order to hold different items and different sample types. After you set the temperature, you can place your samples into the freezer. It is important to keep the freezers well maintained so that they do not start corrupting samples. This can often happen with older freezers that may not be able to hold their temperature properly. Renting a newer model could be the solution to your woes.

About freezers

Freezers are in use in laboratories around the world, as they are an ideal method of storage for a wide range of different types of items. Some of the most commonly stored lab items include tissue samples and reagents. Since the freezer is capable of maintaining a steady and stable temperature, it ensures the preservation of the samples. Naturally, this reduces sample loss and helps to make the lab more efficient overall. However, it is very important that you choose the right freezer rental or lease for your specific lab’s needs.

Freezer Applications

A storage container for freezing items. 
  • Life science
  • Clinical
  • Industrial applications

Freezer Manufacturers

  • ​Caron Products
  • Darwin Chambers
  • Eppendorf
  • Freezer Concepts
  • Haldeman-Homm
  • Helmer Scientific
  • Marvel Scientific
  • New Brunswick Scientific
  • Nor-Lake
  • NuAire
  • Panasonic Healthcare
  • Ruro
  • SANYO Biomedical Solutions
  • So-Low
  • SP Scientific
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • TTP Labtech
  • Z-SC1

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