Submitting quotes

Suppliers can submit quotes directly though the KWIPPED platform. We have built a proprietary quoting tool that considers all aspects of an equipment rental. The quote lets you specify the rental rate, security deposit, required liability insurance, the replacement cost, the minimum rental term, and the logistics of shipping or pick-up. You can even include a picture of the actual equipment with the quote!

Renters will receive a notification by email when you send a quote and will be prompted to log into their KWIPPED account to review the quote. They are then asked to accept or decline the quote. If they accept the quote, they will sign the rental contract and enter their payment information. If they decline the quote, they will be asked to offer feedback on why they chose to go another route.

If you need additional information that is not on the request in order to prepare your quote, you can send a message to the renter directly through KWIPPED. The renter may also send you messages if they have questions for you.

KWIPPED staff is persistent about following-up on your quotes and our technology automates follow-up with the renter. We also encourage you to use the messaging system to follow-up on quotes you have sent!


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