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Stud Welding Systems

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Stud Welding System Description

The process of stud welding is different from traditional welding. It is a form of high-speed metal fastening. The metal fasteners applied by using a welding arc connects the fastener to another piece of metal. There are two different types of stud welding methods used today, capacitor discharge stud welding and arc stud welding.

Features of stud welding systems

With a stud welding system, there is a hand tool called the stud gun. This is attached to the base welding machine and it may look similar to other types of welding machines that are available. The stud welding systems have a power supply as well as a controller. They will also have welding cables. While there are similarities between different types of welding, it is important that someone who is going to stud weld understands the nature of the technique and the equipment before they begin.

If you need to rent or lease a stud welding system, you need to think about the type of metals you’ll be using and the stud to be using. As mentioned earlier, the different types of welding systems will work better for different types of metals. If you have smaller and lighter work, then you will want to rent or lease a capacitor discharge stud welding system. Those who have heavier metals and needs will want to use an arc stud welding system.

Stud Welding System Manufacturers

Some of the popular manufacturers for some welding equipment include Nelson, HNS, Eastwood, and Pro Weld.

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