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Stick Welder Description

Even though stick welders are used less than TIG and MIG welding, they are still a popular option for welding when outside. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the stick welders tend to be able to work even when it is windy or when there is a mist and light rain. Another one of the benefits of this type of welder is the fact that the metal being welded does not have to be as clean as it does with other types of welding devices. This type of welding was once the most popular, and it is also known as arc welding.  People tend to like this type of welding because it offers a very simple option for joining steel and other metals. In addition, they tend to be an inexpensive option.

Features of stick welders

There are a number of different types of stick welder available today. One is called a Bose box, and this tends to be the simplest type of welding machine. It only has a single setting, so you will only be able to adjust the amperage of the unit. While it is not as functional as other options, it can be beneficial for certain types of jobs.

Another option when it comes to stick welding is the DC stick machine. This features a polarity selector and it also has an amperage setting, but it is still a very basic and simple device. There are others that are a bit more complicated, but they still tend to be relatively simple when compared to other welding devices.

The features of the stick welder are going to vary substantially by the make and the model you choose. Different manufacturers will have different options in different amounts of settings. They will have amperage settings, and they will typically have polarity settings as well.

When you are choosing a welder, you need to make sure that it is going to meet the specific needs of what you are welding. Those who have simple jobs, or jobs that are outdoors and inclement weather, may find that stick welding is the best option for them. Always make sure that you look at the features and options with the stick welder to know exactly what you’re getting when you rent or lease the device.

Stick Welder Manufacturers

A number of different companies make stick welders today. Some of the top manufacturers include Hobart, Eastwood, Lincoln, Miller, and Klutch. They have a wide variety of different machines available for welding.

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