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Inverter Welders

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Features of inverter welders

One of the features that most will notice right away is the smaller size, as mentioned. This makes these devices more portable. The inverter welders, despite the type you choose, tend to work in much the same fashion and have the same types of features. They often have a handle on top of them for easier portability. They also have a number of onboard controls so you can control the output when you are welding.

How inverter welders work

inverter welder rentalsWhen you turn on the welding supply, it will use the rectifier to convert the AC to DC. The current switches on and off rapidly in the supply, which creates a high frequency direct current to use for welding. Many choose to use inverter welders rather than traditional power supplies because they offer a number of advantages. They are more efficient and need a smaller transformer. This means the overall size and weight of the unit tends to be less, which makes them easier to transport. The power consumption is lower as well.

About inverter welders

An inverter welder is a type of power supply used in welding, and it has the potential to offer a high current. This type of power supply makes use of solid state switches and rectifiers as a means to convert the alternating current (60Hz) to direct current for the output. It is possible to control the amount of output current from the machine thanks to the onboard controls and software. With this type of welding supply, the rectifier is usually very large, as this helps it to work correctly and supply the right amount of power

Inverter Welder Applications

  • Industrial
  • Mechanic
  • Machine shop
  • Auto repair shop

Inverter Welder Manufacturers

  • Miller
  • Clutch
  • Everlast

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