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Rent, Lease or Finance Cable Height Meters on KWIPPED

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Features of cable height meters

Many of the top-quality cable height meters available today will also have a temperature sensor on them. This is because the speed of sound is going to vary based on the temperature. The sensor can help the user to account for this.

How cable height meters work

These devices work by sending out a burst of sound, which comes from the transmitter portion of the meter. The tool has a microprocessor inside that then determines how much time it takes for the sound to be reflected from the cables to the instrument, which can then calculate the height. These meters tend to have displays that can provide either feet and inches or meters, whichever is preferred.

About cable height meters

Cable height meters are very important tools for those who are in the telecom field. These are handheld meters that can provide the user with accurate measurements for a range of factors including cable sag, the cable height distance, and overhead clearance of conductors. In the past, this type of work was done using telescoping fiberglass poles, which tended to be heavy and contacted the cables.

The cable height meter is far more convenient, and you never have to worry about touching the cables when using them. They can be used from quite a distance, and they help to make this type of cable work much more efficient.

Cable Height Meter Manufacturers

Some of the companies making cable height meters include Megger, Suparule Systems Ltd., A-Sun Test Ltd., and Shanghai Glentest Electronics, Co. Ltd.

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