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Features of rangefinders

range finder rentalThe range finders in use for surveying tend to be a bit different from those that are used for hunting, golf, and other activities, but they do have similar features. They all have a viewing area so you can get a line of sight on the object you are using to measure distance. They also have some simple controls for sending out the laser beam. The readout is relatively simple with most of the devices as well. You will get a fast readout of the distance. Many of the range finders allow you to change the distance increments from feet to meters, etc.

How rangefinders work

All laser range finders work on the same basic premise no matter the make or model, and no matter the reason you are using it. Whether you are surveying or hunting, it is the same concept. The range finder makes use of lasers. You simply push a button, sending the laser out of the device. This laser than hits the distant object you are aiming at with your range finder and bounces the beam back to the device. The device is then able to determine how far away that object is based on the time it took for the laser to return.

About rangefinders

Range finders are an extremely accurate and simple way to find the distance from your position to a distant object, and it is very useful in the field of surveying. Of course, surveyors are not the only ones who benefit from this technology. Range finders are also a good option for hunters, shooters, and even golfers. It provides fast and reliable readouts, but it is important to get a high quality range finder to ensure the most accurate results.

Rangefinder Applications

  • Surveying
  • Hunting and shooting
  • Golf

Rangefinder Manufacturers

  • Stanley
  • TruPulse
  • Ben Meadows

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