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Magnetic Locators

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Magnetic Locator Description

When you are renting a magnetic locator, you actually have several things you need to consider. First, you have to think about the overall size of the device. While they are generally going to be the same size, make sure that they are comfortable enough for you to use. Check to see how heavy they are as well. Most are just a couple of pounds, so they should not be too much of a problem. Take some time to look at the controls and the alert features that each of the options has to offer as well. Find the one that meets your needs.

Features of magnetic locators

Different magnetic locators have their own special features and cases, but you will find that they tend to have all of the same basic features. This includes the pole or shaft, which contains all of the workings of the tool. This shaft also has the controls and the readout on it. Many of them will have different levels of sensitivity that you can set as well. In addition, most of the devices have a visual display when you get a hit, as well as an audio signal. This ensures that you do not miss a hit.

How magnetic locators work

magnetic locator rentalsThe magnetic locators are able to detect any type of metal that has a ferrous element to it. This includes iron, steel, and rebar. The devices will typically have a visible readout, as well as audio, that let you know when you’ve found a metal item. It works very similarly to a metal detector. The locator part is typically the larger part of the unit and is located at the base of a shaft. The surveyor walks around and uses the device like a metal detector to find what he or she needs.

About magnetic locators

A magnetic locator is a very beneficial tool for those who are in the surveying field. You will use one of these devices when you are trying to locate land survey markers, survey monuments, ductile waterlines and more. They are extremely easy to use, and they can help ensure you are finding just what you need on your project, so it can go faster and more efficiently.

Magnetic Locator Applications

  • Land survey markers
  • Survey monuments
  • Waterlines

Magnetic Locator Manufacturers

  • CST
  • Dunham & Morrow
  • Subsurface Instruments

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