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Handheld Data Collectors

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Handheld Data Collector Description

When renting a data collector, make sure you find a unit that has all of the features that you want. Do your research first so you know if it offers Bluetooth connectivity and GPS, for example. Make sure that the data collector really will make your surveying job much easier and faster. Consider the different models and makers, and always make sure you are working with the best quality rentals you can find.

Features of handheld data collectors

The data collectors tend to have quite a few input buttons and functions even though they are relatively small and handheld. Even though they have a lot of buttons, those who have used other collectors in the past should not have much trouble moving from one to another, as they tend to have similar functionality. Some offer Bluetooth connectivity as a means to connect to equipment right in the field without needing to attach any cables.

How handheld data collectors work

Most of the data collectors today are handheld, and they have high quality software running in them. This makes them portable and powerful, as well as very easy to use. Some of the units have GPS on them, while others take an older approach to taking measurements and collecting data. Most of the modern units are ready to go with GPS, but that’s something you will want to ask about when renting. Some are even compatible with mobile versions of software such as Outlook and Excel, which can be helpful when recording data in the field.

About handheld data collectors

Surveyors need to use a wide range of different equipment in order to do their job. Fortunately, advents in technology have made it much easier for them, as there are quite a few different pieces of equipment that can help them with their job. One of the most important pieces of technology is the data collector. These are very helpful for a variety of different types of projects. Those who are designing lots or subdivisions, or those who are mapping property boundaries will find the data collector to be extremely useful. They are able to record and collect many different types of data quickly and easily. This helps you to improve your accuracy and productivity.

Handheld Data Collector Applications

  • Boundary measurements
  • Designing subdivisions
  • Partitioning lots

Handheld Data Collector Manufacturers

  • Juniper
  • Carlson
  • Spectra Precision

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