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Respiratory / Self Contained Breather Apparatuses (SCBA)s

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Respiratory / Self Contained Breather Apparatuses (SCBA) Description

Working in some areas can be highly dangerous because of contaminants in the air. Perhaps they need to go into a dangerous location to check the quality of the air. Whether a contractor needs to clear out a building that is full of asbestos, or there is simply a lot of dust and other contaminants in the air because of heavy cleaning, a chemical leak, or anything else, the employees who enter need to be safe. They can’t breathe air full of contaminants, so having the right respiratory equipment can make a big difference.

A simple surgical style mask is not adequate though. You need to consider the benefit of getting a self-contained breather apparatus, or SCBA instead. These have a similarity to SCUBA equipment. There is a harness that contains the oxygen tank, as well as a mask that fits tightly around the face to keep out contaminants, but that still provides a full field of view.

Features of respiratory / self contained breather apparatuses (scba)s

You will find that even though there are a number of manufacturers offering this type of equipment, they all basically work the same. They have the tank, harness, and mask. The material the harness is made from is generally nylon, but this can vary. The style and shape of mask are usually quite similar, but there could be some small design differences between the manufacturers.

One of the most important things to consider when you are choosing these devices is the size of your employees and the size of the equipment you rent. While most of the straps and harnesses are adjustable, you will want to find solutions that are close to the right size and comfortable. You need to make sure they fit properly once they arrive as well. When renting one of these devices, it is also a good idea to check and see whether it comes with a tank or if you will have to rent or lease one of those separately.

Respiratory / Self Contained Breather Apparatuses (SCBA) Manufacturers

A number of companies make these types of devices including MSA, Scott, and Honeywell. When you choose the SCBA, check the size, style of mask, and the harness material to make sure you are choosing the option that’s best for your employees. Once you have a style and brand that you like, be sure to choose enough for all of your employees who will need to use them.

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