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Confined Space Ventilation Systems

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Confined Space Ventilation System Description

When working in certain types of environments, there may not be enough natural ventilation to provide a safe working location. In those instances, getting a ventilation system can be an effective way of making the area safer and keeping the air cleaner and fresher for those who are working there. The devices are able to ventilate many different types of confined spaces including inside of manholes. They will remove fumes and add fresh air, which can not only make the location safer, but also more comfortable for the employees.

Features of confined space ventilation systems

When you are choosing your ventilation system, you have to think about the atmosphere, as well as what makes up the air inside. In addition, consider the size of the space. In some area, fans can work well, but they may only be pushing the air around rather than providing actual ventilation. A system that is able to remove fumes and provide breathable air is often a better solution. Understanding your working environment will help you to choose between general ventilation systems and local ventilation.

How confined space ventilation systems work

There are two basic types of ventilation systems. You can choose from local exhaust ventilation and general ventilation. The local exhaust systems will gather the contaminants where they originate and then remove them. These types of systems are often used to help remove toxic material and flammable material that has a single point of origin. If the contaminants are in tightly confined spaces, or if the contaminants are spread out, then general ventilation systems are the best option. Keep in mind that general ventilation is not a good choice when working in a toxic environment, as it will not actually remove the contaminants.

When using a ventilation system, it is important to start the ventilation well ahead of when the work actually begins in the area, as this ensures the safety of the air. Always test the atmosphere before entering as well to make sure the system is working properly.

Confined Space Ventilation System Manufacturers

Companies manufacturing these types of ventilation systems include Fischer Scientific, Allegro, and Ramfan. You can find both general and local ventilation options.

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