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Features of air sampling/industrial hygienes

The air sampling equipment helps to check the airflow in a variety of different industries to make sure there is plenty of ventilation and that harmful chemicals are not building up that could endanger the lives of the employees, or that could cause damage to equipment or products. Many of the air sampling devices are small and portable, and they tend to be very accurate.

Some of the air sampling devices are able to test for specific contaminants in the air, as well as how much of the contaminant is in a given area. The aerosol monitors are able to determine how much dust is in the air. Other pieces of equipment can detect electromagnetic fields, RF fields, and more. They typically have easy readout displays and simple to use controls and functions.

Gas monitors can look for many different types of gas that might be in the air including mercury and ozone. Some of the other types of equipment available for air sampling and industrial hygiene include moisture measurement meters, vibration pumps, humidity, and temperature. There are even some personal devices, such as vests, that can monitor air conditions today.

Before you choose any of these items to rent, it is important to consider the scope of the area that you need to monitor and sample. Once you know the size of the space, as well as the variables that might affect the health, safety, and air quality, you can then start to look for the equipment you need. Take the time to thoroughly consider different types of items that can help to keep the industrial space as safe as possible.

Air Sampling/Industrial Hygiene Manufacturers

Some of the companies making this type of equipment today include Casella, GE Sensing, and Testo, Inc. Always make sure you understand the capabilities and features of the products so you can use them appropriately and get the most benefit from them for your space.

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