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Food Trucks

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Food Truck Description

Food Trucks are the perfect solution for hungry customers looking for quick and easy food-to-go during their busy day. Typically used in sports arenas, parks, or outdoor concerts, Food Trucks have proven a successful form of income for many businesses. A few things to note when going about your purchase are the size of the vehicle, the gasoline intake required, and if there are any special features you need to run your operation. At KWIPPED, our marketplace of Food Trucks has options available with reasonable pricing solutions so you can get your business up and running.

Food Truck Manufacturers

Some of the prominent manufacturers in this field include: Coolit, Great Dane, Hobart, Mobile Kitchen Solutions, Polar Leasing, QR, Sodir, Thermo King, US Mobile Kitchens, Valdosta Georgia, and Wabash.

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