Hasselblad H2 Camera Kit

Hasselblad H2 Camera Kit
Hasselblad H2 Kit (Body, Prism, 80mm)
For those perfect shots, the Hasselblad H2 camera has an SLR type with a viewfinder that tells you what exactly will be captured. The high-performance Hasselblad HC lenses with manual and auto focusing options in this Hasselblad medium format film camera let you enhance your photographic skills. For bright images, this Hasselblad camera offers an integral leaf shutter with a speed of 1/800 s to 18 hours. With 30 customizable functions, the Hasselblad H2 camera allows you to save settings to suit different situations and applications. For a dynamic shooting experience, this Hasselblad medium format film camera has a built-in flash metering system that gives you manually controlled flashes. The three metering options: spot, center weighted and average enable you to click natural images with this Hasselblad camera.


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