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Stick Pipe Trailer Description

When you are renting a stick pipe trailer, you need to make sure that you are getting the right trailer for the job, naturally. This means you should be looking for a trailer that’s the right size for the job, and that is able to carry as much pipe as you need. In addition, you should look at the features included with the trailer. Even though they are generally going to be the same from one trailer to another, there can be a few differences, as mentioned. You need to make sure you have the right trailer for the job.

Features of stick pipe trailers

The main features of the stick pipe trailer tend to be quite similar from one brand to another, although there will always be some slight variations. You will discover that there are always going to be wheels along with a brake on the trailer. This allows you to transport the pipe to your needed area, and then place the brake. You can then remove the vehicle that transported it and not have to worry about the trailer rolling or moving at all. Some of the trailers will offer different features though. The front or the rear might be telescoping, for example. Also, some may have an open or a closed platform.

How stick pipe trailers work

stick pipe trailer rentalThe trailer works very simply. It allows you to place a stick pipe onto it and to haul it from one area to another. The wheels make transportation fast and easy. This is very helpful for a number of different types of jobs, and the fact that you can be sure the stick pipe is fully secure on this type of trailer should give you some peace of mind. You will be able to get the pipe you need to areas faster with a stick pipe trailer than you would with other types of transportation.

About stick pipe trailers

A stick pipe trailer is a type of mobile trailer that is perfect for transporting stick pipe. Some of the trailers are capable of transporting other types of materials as well, such as cable reels and coil pipes. The trailers are specialized to make sure that they can hold the type of pipe or cable in question securely on the trailer.

Stick Pipe Trailer Applications

  • Construction
  • Power and utilities workers
  • Water pipes

Stick Pipe Trailer Manufacturers

  • Kiefer Manufacturing
  • McElroy

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