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Sign Trucks

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Features of sign trucks

Different sign trucks will have different features and options. Some, for example, will have a telescoping walkway. This walkway will allow the worker to stay above the roadway and ditch and still have full access to the sign. This makes reaching the sign easier, and it is extremely helpful when out working in the snow or other inclement weather. Other sign trucks may have a boom with a bucket, which can help the workers to reach areas and signs that are higher.

How sign trucks work

The operation of the trucks tends to be quite simple, and often, the walkway or boom can be operated by just a single person. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to using sign trucks. However, you do need to know which one’s right for your needs.

About sign trucks

Do you have to work on signs as a part of your construction, road crew, or power utility job? Do you need to reach some out of the way places for part of your work? If you do, then it might be time to consider renting or leasing a sign truck or two, which can help to make the task much easier for you.

Replacing, fixing, and working with signs along the side of a road, a building, or anywhere else can be quite the challenge. This is often because the height of the sign makes it impossible to access from the ground. You need to have a better way – and a safer way – of reaching the sign. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is with a sign truck.

Sign Truck Manufacturers

Some of the companies that are manufacturing these types of trucks and equipment include Dur-A-Lift, Manitex, and Maintainer.

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