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Insulation Testers & Megohmeter Description

If you are thinking about renting one of these devices, you should first figure out exactly what is right for your needs. Do you simply need an insulation tester or do you need to have a megohmmeter? Think about what it is that you will be testing before you make your decision, and as stated, be sure you know how to use the instrument before you start to take measurements with it. Check the features and readouts of each of the rental or lease options for these devices as well, so you can determine which one has a nice and simple to read screen like you need.

Features of insulation testers & megohmeters

Megohmeter rentalsThe insulation testers and megohmmeters all have relatively simple to use controls and hookups. However, only those who have experience in the field should be using the devices for safety reasons. You have to be very careful so you can prevent electrical shocks. They have easy to use input and readout controls, making it a simple matter to determine the resistance of insulation, and to see whether they are issues in the windings of an electrical device.

How insulation testers & megohmeters work

The type of testing method you use will vary based on the type of equipment you happen to be testing, as well as the reason you are testing. For this reason, it is important that only those who know how to use these pieces of equipment properly and safely test with them. When you are testing, you may be testing for installation, which is helpful for determining personal and public safety. You may also be testing as a part of maintenance, or you might be looking for leakage currents or insulation resistance. There are two basic types of megohmmeter, those that operate on batteries and those that operate via a hand crank or generator. The electrical versions are typically the most popular today.

About insulation testers & megohmeters

An insulation tester is a tool that you can use when you are trying to determine the integrity of windings or of cables that are in electrical installations and transformers. A megohmmeter is a specialized type of ohmmeter that is used specifically to determine the electrical resistance of insulators.

Insulation Testers & Megohmeter Applications

  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Insulation resistance measurement

Insulation Testers & Megohmeter Manufacturers

  • Fluke
  • Extech
  • Megger
  • Hioki
  • AEMC

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