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Features of directional drills

directional drill rentalsDepending on the directional drill you are using, it may use different types of locating systems in order to keep the drill going in the right direction. It may utilize a walk over locating system, a wire line locating system, or a gyro-based locating system. The drill generally has a lift on it as well, which can help to change the angle of the drill when it enters and bores through the ground. They have controls that make operation very simple too, but it should still only be used by those who have the proper training.

How directional drills work

When used for installing different types of infrastructure, such as sewer lines, water lines, telecommunications, and power cable, this type of drilling works wonders. That is especially true when it comes to working in highly populated, busy urban areas that have very little space for drilling. Instead of drilling straight down, the machine allows the workers to drill at an angle. It offers a safe method of installing lines and cables, and it runs less of a risk of damaging or interrupting lines that are already in place.

About directional drills

In some cases, drilling straight down is simply not an option. Those who find themselves in a need to drill at an angle will need to consider renting a directional drill for the job. This is a great method of installing undergrounds cables, pipes, and conduits while still being able to maneuver and steer the drill. It also happens to be trenchless, so there is less damage to the surrounding area. If excavating and trenching is not possible, consider the benefits of using one of these drills.

Directional Drill Applications

  • Water lines
  • Cable
  • Power lines
  • Telecommunications
  • Sewer lines

Directional Drill Manufacturers

  • Mincon
  • DMS
  • XCMG
  • Ditch Witch
  • Vermeer
  • Herrenknecht
  • Terra

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