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Cable Plow Description

When you are laying cable and feel that you need to have a cable plow, think about your location first. If the land is relatively free of obstacles and there do not seem to be any other issues with the soil, then it could be a good solution. Make sure you are choosing a plow that will work properly for the type of cable you are laying. Many of the units are multifunctional, so you should not have to worry. Choose a cable plow that is simple to operate and that has good reviews from others who have used it.

Features of cable plows

cable plow rentalsThere are a number of different types of cable plows available. Some are capable of laying table behind traffic barriers. Others are able to lay cable in streams and lake beds. All of the plows tend to have a similar look though. They have a plough blade at the front to move the soil. They also have wheels and housing for the cable that you will be laying.

How cable plows work

Many of the units are able to level bumpy terrains so they can keep the cables at the same depth. The machine features a single blade, which will displace the soil in the pipeline area, making it possible to install the cable at the bottom of the ditch quickly and easily. It can also cover the cable. This makes it easy to bury the line without needing to dig and fill in a trench by hand or using other machinery. These plows are capable of burying both cables and pipes for many different types of services, such as water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications.

About cable plows

One of the methods of laying cable is to use the plowing technique. This tends to be a good solution for areas that have a sparse population, so you will often find cable plows in use in rural areas. These areas tend to have long stretches of line without as many connections along the way. One of the great things about these plows is that they can usually go up and down embankments and even across flat water without too much trouble. However, it is important that the terrain is free from larger obstacles.

Cable Plow Applications

  • Cable lines
  • Power lines
  • Telecommunication lines

Cable Plow Manufacturers

  • BRON
  • Ditch Witch
  • Bobcat

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