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Wireless Video Systems

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Wireless Video System Description

When renting a wireless video system, you really need to think about your project and the type of shots you need to take. This will give you a better idea of the type of features and options you should be looking for with the system. Keep in mind that the wireless video systems will be only one part of your setup. You may still need to rent or lease some other items, such as additional monitors and cameras. You also need to make sure that you have cords, and plenty of battery power, for the entire system.

Features of wireless video systems

With many types of film and photography equipment, there are many different models and styles available, and this means that there will be quite a few different features available with the various models. In addition, you may find that different models will have some drastically different ranges. Some may be able to work up to 50ft away from the source, while others may only be able to operate while 20ft away.

How wireless video systems work

These systems will, as the name suggests, connect to the cameras wirelessly. This lets the filmmaker see what's happening on their screen without actually needing to see the camera. It can supply the information to the monitor, which can make directing certain types of shots much easier. In addition, some of the systems on the market will also allow you to control aspects of the camera. For example, it may allow you to "pull focus" to get an ideal shot.

About wireless video systems

When most people think of wireless video systems, they think of how they are used for surveillance and home security. While this is certainly a popular use for these types of systems, they are also useful in the film and video business. These types of systems will allow you to see what the camera is recording when it is mounted on a crane, a steadicam, or otherwise out of your immediate sight.

Wireless Video System Applications

  • Security and surveillance
  • Film and video production

Wireless Video System Manufacturers

  • Paralinx
  • IDX
  • Camera Motion Research
  • Cerevo USA
  • Datavideo

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