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Studio Mixers

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Studio Mixer Description

When you are renting a studio mixer, you need to think about the number of channels you will need as well as the number of features you need, such as the aforementioned inputs, outputs, knobs, and faders. While it might be nice to have a large mixing console, you might find that your production could use something smaller and still get quality results. Think about the project and what will suit it the best. Compare the features and options between similar models to determine which is right for you.

Features of studio mixers

A studio mixer will feature a number of different channels so you can mix many different elements at the same time. They will also include a range of different inputs and outputs, busses, groups, knobs, and sliders. Of course, with the range of different mixers that are on the market, it's natural that the features will vary greatly between them. Some mixers today are analog, while others are digital, for example. They may have a variety of different channels as well, not to mention more or fewer sliders and faders than other models.

How studio mixers work

While you may be able to find some basic mixing functions on various pieces of audio visual software, having a dedicated console to help with the mixing can make a big difference in the overall quality of the production. You are able to change many different elements of the audio in order to create a sound that's right for your project. You can ensure the audio is clear and loud enough, and the console will give you control over just about every aspect of the audio.

About studio mixers

A studio mixer, or mixing console, is one of the most important parts of any audio visual production. When you are creating film, videos, or musical only productions, having a high quality studio mixer at hand is essential. The device will allow you to combine audio signals from multiple sources, tweak them, and make sure they sound just right. Since audio is so important, having a quality mixer on which you can rely for all of your productions is crucial.

Studio Mixer Applications

The following are the most common applications for studio mixers:
  • Video audio production
  • Film audio production
  • Music production

Studio Mixer Manufacturers

  • Solid State Logic
  • API
  • AMS/Neve
  • Harrison
  • Raindirk

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