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Legs & High Hats

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Legs & High Hat Description

If you are going to rent or lease legs and hi-hats, you have to make sure that you choose the ones that will work for your production. What type of shots do you need to take? This will let you know which legs are right, and it will let you know whether you may benefit from using a hi-hat or not. Take the time to look at the various models to see what each of them offers and carefully consider whether they would benefit your shoot.

Features of legs & high hats

There are a number of different types of tripod legs available, and they have similar features. They are often adjustable, although that may not always be the case. They may be made from different types of material as well, such as plastic or metal. Hi-hats may be adjustable in some cases, although that's not the case with all of the models available.

How legs & high hats work

Tripod legs and hi-hats work similarly. The legs will feature a head onto which you can place your camera. The legs may be adjustable, so you can set the camera at different heights. The hi-hats may have fewer adjustments, but they allow you to get some shots that you may not be able to get using other devices.

About legs & high hats

How important are the tripod’s legs? Do you always need to have a hi-hat? First, consider a few things about the legs of your tripod. They are the base on which you will be placing your high quality, and likely very expensive camera. Therefore, you want to have something that you can trust. You also want to make sure that the legs are suitable for your filming and shooting environment, and that they are the right height, or easily adjustable. A hi-hat works well for a number of situations, particularly when you are trying to get low angle shots. They can also work well when you need to use a traditional type of tripod head but don't have the room to manage long tripod legs.

Legs & High Hat Applications

  • Photography
  • Video/film

Legs & High Hat Manufacturers

  • Induro
  • Manfrotto
  • Alan Gordon Enterprises
  • Birns & Sawyer

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