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Editing Equipment

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Editing Equipment Description

When you are renting your editing equipment, think about the film you are making, and the amount of experience you have with the editing equipment. You will want to choose something that you or someone else on the crew knows how to use well. This will ensure that the editing process goes much smoother. One of the other things to think about is when you should start the editing process. Some small and independent filmmakers will actually start the editing when they are still filming. Others will wait until they’ve finished the entire filming process. 

Features of editing equipments

The editing equipment can let you move forward and backward through the film, find the scenes that you need to take out, and it even lets you work with the audio. In some cases, it is a standalone machine. Other times, it is a piece of software that will work with your computer, as long as it is powerful enough. There are plenty of different types of editing equipment available. Some is specifically for audio, and some is specifically for video. Many of the modern items allow for editing of both.

How editing equipments work

The purpose of any type of editing equipment is to allow you to make changes, cuts, and more to your film, and then put it all back together again to have a coherent film. Many different types of editing equipment are available, and the quality of technology has improved substantially in the past decade. Whether you are editing digitally, or you are editing with film, there are different types of machines and software that can help.

About editing equipments

Editing a film is a large task, even if it is a short film. Depending on what it is you are actually editing, digital or traditional film, the tools you use will be different. Those who are using old school film will want to make sure that they have an editing table that allows for splicing and proper viewing of the film. Working with digital film tends to be quite a bit easier, at least in terms of the physical editing. Both can be very complex though.

Editing Equipment Applications

  • Film
  • Video
  • Television
  • Commercial

Editing Equipment Manufacturers

  • Blackmagic Design
  • Avid
  • Sony

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