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Camera Sliders

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Camera Slider Description

Getting smooth shots for your film is essential, and when you use camera sliders, it can be easy to get the perfect shot. They work similar to the dolly system, and you can place them on the ground or floor, or you can place them on a table or other surface. It allows the filmmaker to get tracking shots from a variety of different angles.

Features of camera sliders

When you are looking for a slider to rent, you will want to first think about the types of shots that you need to take for your film. This will give you a better idea of what you should actually be using to achieve the shot, and you will know the best size and style of slider or jib to get. Of course, you also need to think about the amount of space you have available to get the shot to be sure the slider will fit into the area you need. Also consider whether you want to use a manual slider, or if you want to have one that you can control remotely.

How camera sliders work

Sliders are available in various sizes and styles, but they work similarly. The camera slider features a ball bearing sliding system as well as a mount. You can place any type of camera onto the mount, whether it is a DSLR, a digital handheld camera, a video camera or a movie camera. Some of them are also motorized to give you more precise control when using them.

They set up very easily and can move at varying speeds based on the type of shot you need. You could have a slow pan, or a fast and fluid moving shot to capture action.

One of the nice things about the sliders is the fact that they are all relatively simple to use. Once you attach the camera, you can turn it on and start getting the shots needed for your next masterpiece.

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