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Ophthalmic Laser Description

When it comes time to choose the lasers you plan to use in your clinic, you need to consider the types of procedures you will be doing to make sure you find a laser that can provide you with the power and the features you need to do the job correctly.

Given the nature of these lasers and the fact that a patient could come to harm if they are not used properly, it is essential that only those who are well-trained in their use should be allowed to operate them at your clinic.

Features of ophthalmic lasers

It is important to keep in mind that lasers can be dangerous to others in the room where they are being used and not just to the patient. The light from the laser can reflect off surfaces and cause harm. For this reason, it is important to always utilize the proper safety precautions and gear when using lasers, including specialized goggles. Proper training and maintenance is essential when you are dealing with these tools.

How ophthalmic lasers work

Most of the lasers in use today have several elements in their system. These include a laser medium, a laser pump, and a cooling system, as well as a flexible fiberoptic cable. Other types of systems include indirect ophthalmoscopes and intraocular probes. The doctor will observe the patient’s eye and then focus the laser through a slit lamp. The laser’s energy is then delivered through the optics to the area directed by the doctor. Some of the applications for these lasers include photocoagulation, photodisruption, and photorefraction. 

About ophthalmic lasers

Ophthalmic lasers work like other lasers. They emit light and can emit heat. Because they can be highly accurate, and they can produce better results than older methods, they are often used for a range of medical procedures, including procedures on the eyes. They have produced very positive results when used with ophthalmology. 

Ophthalmic Laser Manufacturers

A number of manufacturers create ophthalmic lasers today. Some of the best known brands in this field include Zeimer Ophthalmic Systems, Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Zeiss, Alcon Laboratories, NIDEK, Britt, LightMed, B&L, Biophysic, and IRIDEX Corporation. 

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