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Instrument Stands

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Instrument Stand Description

Advanced instrument stand models are equipped with adjustable and mechanical arms, making it easy to elevate or lower the instrument stand for ease of access by the examiner or assistant. Most instrument stands are equipped with powerful lamps, as the examination room is typically very dark during a procedure or treatment. The intensity of the light can sometimes be adjusted. An instrument stand typically comes with:
  • A pole height of at least 60”
  • A refractor arm
  • A lower arm
  • A high-powered light
  • A universal power accessory
  • An optional third arm
  • A voltage and power adjuster
  • A corded power unit
Instrument stands are built for endurance, and should provide a lot of longevity in the examination office. They can attach on or near the patient chairs, within easy reach of the examiner. They either have mechanical or automated switches, which makes controlling the light and the tray much easier.

How instrument stands work

Instrument stands are designed like a mechanical arm, with several different adjustment capabilities. The ophthalmologist can turn on a powerful light that will focus beams directly into the eyes, causing no harm to the patient. Some instrument stands come with optional wheelchair adjustments, in case the patient is in a wheelchair and cannot sit in the patient chair. The devices run digitally and mechanically, helping to keep tools in easy reach and lights within simple access. The halogen lamp is long-lasting, and runs on low voltage for better security. The adjustable arm is easy to move around, and no tools are required. 

About instrument stands

Instrument stands have become a staple in ophthalmology, and are used for a variety of different exams. They have revolutionized the ease with which an examiner can access all of the important and necessary tools that are needed during an exam. An instrument stand can come with some digital parts, while others are mechanical. They are built to last, offering a myriad of beneficial functions without requiring too much power or complex instructions. Some are even equipped with trays that can pull out and rest above the patient, making it easier for the patient to relax while the examiner performs a variety of tests. 

Instrument Stand Manufacturers

  • Marco
  • Lombart Instrument
  • Akrus
  • Bon Optic
  • CSO
  • Essilor Instruments
  • Fiorentino A.M.
  • Frastema
  • Gilras
  • MEDA
  • Reichert
  • And many more

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