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Vertical Cutting Dryers

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Vertical Cutting Dryer Description

When you are renting a vertical cuttings dryer, make sure that you are able to find one that is going to suit your needs. Consider the size of the dryer and the amount work it will be able to do in a given day. Will this meet your requirements, or will you need to have more than just one machine. Many are able to process more than 50 tons an hour. Also, you should consider the additional control features that are available with the unit before renting.

Features of vertical cutting dryers

The basic parts of the vertical cuttings dryer will be the same between models and makes. It will generally only be the finer points and features that tend to differ very much at all. The dryers will have a sturdy base on which the machine sits or is attached. It also has a hopper, a stainless steel mesh basket, and a motor, which turns the interior of the machine, creating the centrifugal force needed to dry the solids.

How vertical cutting dryers work

Vertical Cuttings DryersRather than a linear feed, as with the typical dryers, these are vertical. The dryer makes use of centrifugal force to help dry the solids in the oil or other fluids. There is a stainless steel screen bowl that will trap the wet solids and begin spinning them to help remove the liquid and dry the solid completely. These are a very important part of the chain of machinery when it comes to waste management at an oil site.

About vertical cutting dryers

Vertical cuttings dryers are a type of dryer that can help to ensure proper drying of the solids and full removal of the excess water, while keeping the environment safe. In today’s world, there is an increased need to keep the environment protected during oil drilling operations, and there are a number of government agencies enacting more stringent requirements of the drilling companies. These vertical cuttings dryers could be a very good solution for many. One of the benefits of this type of dryer is that it is simply more effective. Instead of having the liquid in the cuttings content be above 10%, these types of dryers can cut that number in half in many cases.

Vertical Cutting Dryer Applications

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining

Vertical Cutting Dryer Manufacturers

  • KemTron
  • Halliburton
  • Elgin Industries
  • GN Solids America LLC

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