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Pressure Washing Systems

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Pressure Washing System Description

Using a pressure washing system makes the rig and surrounding spaces cleaner and safer, and it is a good idea for anyone who is running an oilfield operation to have them on hand. When you are choosing a system, consider the size of your operation. Do you need to have one of the larger trailer mounted systems that can provide more pressure and more water? Will you do better if you have both large and small, portable systems available?

Features of pressure washing systems

Many of the pressure washing systems are easily mobile, so users can take them with them all around the worksite and clean as needed. They tend to have wheels on their trailer. Some may require a truck to move around, while others may actually be small enough to move by hand. Keep in mind that the smaller units are not usually as powerful as the larger units, so they might not be the best choice for particularly large or dirty jobs.

How pressure washing systems work

pressure washing system rentalsThe pressure washing system for an oilfield and the machinery it contains actually works quite similarly to commercial systems that private individuals might use at home. However, these tend to be a bit more powerful. They are able to spray water that’s under high pressure onto many different types of surfaces, allowing the water to get a deep down clean. They are perfect for flooring or rig mats, for example.

About pressure washing systems

Keeping the machinery, flooring, and decks of the oil field and the rigs clean is highly important. Vacuums are capable of getting rid of many of the larger elements on the field, but to get rid of all of the grit and grime, you may need to take things a step further. Consider the benefits of using a pressure washing system. You are able to wash a large area in a fraction of the time it would take workers to clean it manually. This saves manpower and money. Using a high quality pressure washing system also makes it easier to keep things clean. Consider just how dirty and grimy these areas can get very quickly, and you will see just why it is so important to use one of these systems.

Pressure Washing System Applications

  • Cleaning flooring
  • Cleaning rigs
  • Cleaning rig mats
  • Cleaning equipment

Pressure Washing System Manufacturers

  • Rig Mat Washer
  • Alkota

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