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Polymer Injection Pump Description

When you are renting a polymer injection pump, you need to think about the ways in which you will be using it. What type of liquids and polymers are you going to need to inject, and how viscous will they be? You have to make sure you are working with a machine that is capable of pumping this type of liquid easily. In addition, consider the number of pumps you may need for your worksite. More rigs will likely mean more pumps. You should also research the noise levels of the pumps. While they are certainly not going to be the loudest of the machines on the field, you will still want to know just how much more noise they will be adding. Finally, make sure you are choosing a rental or lease that comes from a high quality manufacturer.

Features of polymer injection pumps

A number of different models and types of polymer injection pump are available today. Some of them feature a hydraulic control system, along with a cooling system, reciprocating pump, and more. Most of the devices tend to have some rather simple to operate controls, and they are easy to maintain

How polymer injection pumps work

polymer injection pump rentalsThe basic concept in use behind most of the polymer injection pumps is to take the rotating mechanical energy that stems from the motor and to turn it into pressure energy from the hydraulic oil, which makes for easier pumping. Of course, it is important to remember that there are a number of different types of injection pumps available, and they many have slightly different mechanisms by which they work. They are able to move and pump a variety of different types of fluids of different viscosity levels.

About polymer injection pumps

Many times, water is treated with polymers as a means to increase the viscosity of the water and to help the oil move in the reservoir. The polymer injection pump can help with this. Pumps that are available on the market today have the capability to move a variety of different types of polymers at different viscosity levels. There are a number of different types of these pumps on the market today that are ready for rental or lease and that can help you with your project.

Polymer Injection Pump Applications

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical
  • Machinery industry

Polymer Injection Pump Manufacturers

  • Tecumseh Industries, Ltd.
  • China-ogpe

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