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Features of generators

The generators will have a method for adding fuel, such as a gas compartment or a place to plug in a new battery. They will often be on wheels and a trailer so that it is easy to move them from one area to another as needed. They also have simple to use controls and a number of hookups so you can connect your machinery and more to the device and get power. As always, it is important to read and understand the proper instructions for the unit you decide to rent.

How generators work

oilfield generator rentalsWhile the element of powering the generator might be different, they all tend to work in much the same manner. The fuel, whether it is diesel or a battery, allows the onboard motor to start. This creates mechanical energy in the generator, which then gets turned into electrical energy that you will be able to use. No matter the size of the generator, the basic premise and concept is the same.

About generators

Many times, the equipment you are using in the oil field is going to need an external and additional power source. Since many of these fields are not close to civilization and electricity, this means you need to think about using generators. There are a number of different types of generators, including those that run on gasoline, diesel, batteries, and even those that store solar power. These generators will be able to provide your different tools and machines with the power they need to work no matter where you might be. They are an essential part of today’s oilfield.

Generator Applications

  • Construction
  • Oilfield
  • Warehouse
  • Emergencies

Generator Manufacturers

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummin
  • Generac
  • John Deere
  • Kohler
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Onan

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