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Fuel Tank Description

A working oilfield requires a large number of different types of equipment, including storage tanks. Tanks are used for a number of different safe liquid storage fresh oil and fuel storage. The fuel tanks can be very helpful for operations large and small by providing fuel needed for the heavy equipment and trucks used on location. They also have used tanks that they will often use for waste oil storage.

Features of fuel tanks

You can choose from different sized fuel tanks for the oil field. When you are renting a tank, consider all of the different machinery that will need to use it as well as how much they will need to use. You do not want to continually run out of fuel in your tank, so getting a larger size, and perhaps getting several fuel tanks, is a good idea.

You also need to make sure that the tanks are able to meet or exceed the fire codes and EPA regulations. This ensures that you are complying with the laws and regulations so you will be able to do business within the bounds of the law.

When choosing fuel tanks, it is also a good idea to consider some of the other types of storage tanks you may need for your oilfield. These could include mixing tanks, water storage tanks, slop oil tanks, tanks for diesel fuel, and condensate tanks. Make sure that all of the tanks you get are easy to identify so there are no mistakes made by your crew when using them.

How fuel tanks work

The fuel tanks used at an oil field work in the same manner as tanks used elsewhere. After filling them, they are used to provide fuel to all of the machinery and trucks that are along the field and used on the rig. There are a number of different types of oilfield fuel tanks including those that have double wall tanks. These are able to provide a safer storage location for liquids such as fuel.

Fuel Tank Manufacturers

Some of the fuel tank manufacturers today include Southern Tank, Miridian, Fox Tank Company, and Protank Products.

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