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Effluent Tanks

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Features of effluent tanks

Different tanks have different features, but they are generally quite simple. They have a storage tank that holds the water. This can vary in size substantially, naturally. They also have an inlet to allow the liquid to come into the tank, as well as an outlet for removing the liquid. The tank may also have a pump in it that will help to move the water through it and make sure that it separates the remaining solids from the liquids. Most of these tanks with attached pumps tent to be relatively quiet.

How effluent tanks work

effluent tank rentalThe effluent tanks work very simply. They are a means to hold the water that’s separated from solids, and they tend to be a rather important part of the separation process. They connect to the system, and are often one of the main repositories of water. As mentioned, these are often used in septic systems, and they tend to work much the same way when used within the oil industry.

About effluent tanks

Effluent tanks, which are commonly used in septic systems that collect sewage from businesses and residences, can also be used in the oilfield in a number of cases. The tanks are a place to collect the wastewater that flows from the rest of the system that separates the water from the solids. It works similarly to a septic tank, but in the oilfields, it is merely for the collection of wastewater rather than human waste.

Effluent Tank Applications

  • Oil and gas
  • Septic tanks

Effluent Tank Manufacturers

  • Orenco
  • Goulds
  • AquaKlear
  • Liberty

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