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Drying Shaker Description

When you are renting a drying shaker, consider the size of your project to determine just how many of these devices you might need. Often, there is just one per rig, but it could depend on the scope your project. Also, make sure that you are choosing a shaker that comes from a quality manufacturer, and that has a high quality screen basket, which is arguably the most important part of the machine.

Features of drying shakers

A drying shaker features a number of different components. These include the hopper, feeder, screen basket, basket angling mechanism, and the vibrator. The hopper is the platform and the collection pan for the fluid that has gone through the processing. The feeder is the collection pan on the shaker for the fluid before it undergoes any processing. The screen basket or screen bed is where the majority of the actual separation will take place. The basket angling mechanism allows the used to change the angle of the basket. The vibrator is simply the mechanism that applies the shaping motion to the basket.

How drying shakers work

As soon as the drilling oil returns to the well’s surface, it goes into the drying shaker and the processing begins. The shaker begins to separate the solids and the liquids, depositing the liquid into mud tanks. The solids removed from the shaker are discharged into a holding tank where they can be disposed of or go through additional treatment. From the mud tank, the liquid starts its journey through the other machines in the system that helps to remove other, finer solid particles.

About drying shakers

Drying shakers are a perfect way to recover liquid from drilled cutting, such as what happens in oilfields. Renting these machines is a great low cost option for a variety of different industries including oil and gas drilling, mining, and more. They are the first part of the solids control system on a drilling rig. It is in this drying shaker that the largest of the solids will separate from the drilling fluid. The fluid is highly important, and the drying shaker ensures that there is minimal loss of drilling fluid. Not only does this help to reduce the cost of the operations, but it also happens to be healthier for the environment.

Drying Shaker Applications

  • Mining
  • Gas and oil drilling
  • Coal cleaning

Drying Shaker Manufacturers

  • Derrick Corporation
  • Kayden Industries
  • Terra Oilfield Solutions
  • BOS Solutions

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