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Ferrite Content Meters

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Ferrite Content Meter Description

When you are leasing or renting a ferrite content meter, you will want to check out the features it offers before making your choice. Does it have a user-friendly menu? Is it easy to read and can it store the amount of data you need? Can you choose between the tolerance limits? Understand what you need from the meter, and then narrow your choices to find the best one to rent.

Features of ferrite content meters

The meters will typically have differences from one model to another, but the basics will generally be quite similar. They tend to be easily portable, and they have a strong housing, so they can be used in rougher environments. They feature probes for testing, and many of them work on batteries, although some work via line operation (or both). Some are able to offer multiple language selections through the operation menu, as well.

How ferrite content meters work

A ferrite content meter can measure the FN, or ferrite number, to determine whether the material has the proper amount of ferrite in it for the process.

About ferrite content meters

One of the most common materials utilized in chemical plants and industrial facilities is stainless steel. It is important that the ferrite content of the stainless steel is not too low. If it is, then the stainless steel could crack when it is being welded, or whenever it is in contact with high temperatures, or it is under a high amount of stress. Of course, if the ferrite content happens to be too high, it could also cause a weld to be weaker or to start corroding. The content needs to be in the “Goldilocks” zone. In other words, it needs to be just right.

Ferrite Content Meter Manufacturers

Two of the top companies that are manufacturing ferrite content meters today include Fischer Technology and Diverse.

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