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Confined Space Drone Description

Those who are considering renting or leasing one of these drones will be pleasantly surprised by how useful it is, and how easy it is to use. Still, it is a good idea to take some time to learn how to fly the drone properly.

Features of confined space drones

Even if the area that needs to be inspected is dark, you will have no problem when you are using the ELIOS drone. It includes LED lights that are powerful enough to help navigate and light up even dark places for a proper inspection. The drone operates on batteries, which are simple to replace. In fact, it typically only takes a few seconds.

One of the other great features of the drone is the protective frame. Getting into tight and unsafe spaces can take a real toll on other types of drones. However, ELIOS offers a carbon fiber structure that can keep the camera and tech safe even in collisions up to around 9mph. The design is modular, making for easy maintenance and access to the camera. The diameter of the drone is only 400mm, which makes it small enough to work even in confined spaces. It also offers software that can provide mission data after the inspection flight has finished, which can then be used for reference in the future.


How confined space drones work

This drone offers a wealth of features that help to make it the ideal choice for many industrial inspection teams. This drone includes an integrated payload that allows for full HD imager, along with thermal imagery. It can record the information and provide live 2.4 GHZ video feedback. You can see the video when the drone is out of site, even when it has been placed into a metallic environment. The sensors are top mounted, and they have a 90-degree tilt, allowing the operator to tilt the camera upward to see what’s above.

About confined space drones

There are times when you need to inspect pieces of equipment that would be extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, to inspect using traditional methods. Fortunately, technology has caught up to your needs. Utilizing a confined space drone, such as the ELIOS drone, will help to make the inspection faster, easier, and more accurate than using other methods. The drone can be used in a variety of spaces and environments, and for a range of purposes.

Confined Space Drone Manufacturers

The ELIOS drone is manufactured by Flyability.

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