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Borescopes / Videoscope Description

Given the fact that there are so many different types of borescopes and videoscopes available, you must understand exactly where you will be using the devices and how you will be using them. Knowing your project will make it easier for you to find the options that are best for your needs. Perhaps you need to have a smaller scope for some delicate work, or you need to have a robust scope that can get through pipes that may have tree roots grown through them.

Features of borescopes / videoscopes

Many makes and models of videoscope and borescope are available today to help with a range of applications. They are used for visual inspection work. You can find rigid borescopes that are highly durable, as well as flexible borescopes that can allow you to get into some more difficult spaces. They have an eyepiece at one end and a lens on the other with an optical system between. This can capture and magnify the image, and they can be fitted with video devices. Videoscopes and video systems are just as varied today.

They can be used to inspect pipes, tanks, plumbing, and more. The size of the devices can vary, but you will find that due to the nature of the machines, they tend to be easily portable.

About borescopes / videoscopes

Remote visual inspection is important for many different industries today. These types of scopes are often very rugged, as they need to meet the demands of a range of industries. They can also be quite useful for plumbers who need to get a better look at what might be clogging a drain or pipe.

Borescopes / Videoscope Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers of borescopes and videoscopes include Olympus, Hawkeye, Lenox, MEDIT, JME Technologies, and Flexbar Machine Corp.

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