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Armored Vehicles

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Armored Vehicle Description

When it comes time to make the choice for the rental or lease, you need to carefully consider just how the vehicle is going to be used and by who. You want to have a vehicle that suits the job at hand, that has all the necessary space for passengers, bodyguards, and anyone or anything else that needs to be in the vehicle.

Think about the visibility of the vehicle, as well. Those who are keeping a low profile will want to choose an armored vehicle that can help with this, as some of the vehicles out there have an obvious armored appearance to them. Consider the safety options, as well, and be sure to choose a reputable vehicle that is going to run well, not just provide armored protection.

Features of armored vehicles

Today, there are many different types of armored vehicles that are available. You can find armored SUVs, as well as armored limos. There are armored Hummers, armored pickups, armored cars, and more. Since there is so much variety, it means that you should not have any trouble finding something that will work quite well for your needs.

While different types of vehicles from different manufacturers might have variable specifics when it comes to what they offer, you will find that they still tend to offer many of the same types of features. For example, they will generally have ballistic glass, an armored capsule, armored doors, an overlap system on the windows, and run flats, which are tires that will allow the vehicle to keep going even if something were to happen to the tires, such as having them shot out.

About armored vehicles

Leasing and renting armored vehicles can be a cost-effective solution when you have certain clients who may require these types of vehicles. These vehicles can be a good solution for those who want to have an added layer of security, who are transporting sensitive information or materials, and for a host of other reasons. They can be used for security teams, traveling with dignitaries and other VIPs, and more.

Armored Vehicle Manufacturers

Armored vehicles are in great demand, and that means that there are many companies that are making these vehicles and retrofitting other vehicles with armor. Some of the manufacturers that you might find include Streit Group, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, and Lenco Armored Vehicles, which is the leading manufacturer in the country when it comes to armored security vehicles.

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