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Force Measurement System Description

Force measurement systems are a very important part of many different types of manufacturing for a number of reasons. This type of measurement can help to monitor the conditions of the tools, so you do not have to worry about them breaking while you are going through the machining process. They can help you to better understand the machining process since you can learn more about the cutting force. The measurements you obtain can also help engineers to improve the manufacturing process and to develop even better machining tools for the job.

Features of force measurement systems

As with all types of measurement, you should make sure you know exactly what it is you will be measuring when you are getting ready to rent or lease one of these systems. You have to be sure you are choosing the right system for your particular application, whatever it might be. It is also a good idea to choose a system that has a relatively low learning curve if possible. This will ensure that it takes less time for employees to get up to speed with the machine and to use it accurately.

How force measurement systems work

There is a wide range of different types of force measurement system options including inductive systems, capacitive systems, piezoelectric systems, and strain gauges. Direct force measurement as well as indirect force measurement are possibilities as well. Different methods are used for different applications. The difference between the true value of the force and the indicated value of the force is called an error of measurement.

The force measurement systems need to be consistent. This means they need to be capable of repeating and reproducing results to ensure the measurement was accurate. For this reason, the same user will generally perform the same test multiple times to check for accuracy.

There are a number of different tools available when it comes to taking force measurements.

Force Measurement System Manufacturers

The size of the system varies as well, so find one that will work with the space you have available and still provide you with accurate results. A number of options are available with these systems. Some of the popular manufacturers include Mark-10, Tekscan, and Omega.

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