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VNG Systems

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VNG Systems

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How vng systems work

The tests tend to be quite simple. The patient will wear a pair of goggles on their eyes. Those goggles will monitor the eye movement and record it. The test will typically take about an hour to complete, and the results will help to determine whether there is an inner ear issue. If there is, the doctors can use the information to make their diagnosis and their treatment plan for the patient. The tests, even though they might take an hour, are noninvasive, and most patients will not have a problem with them. 

About vng systems

Patients who undergo a VNG test, or videonystagmography test, are having their inner ear checked to help pinpoint the cause of their loss of balance or dizziness. The tests check the vestibular system of the body, which is the balance system located in the inner ear. They want to discover whether the patient is suffering from balance problems because they have an abnormality in the inner ear.

VNG System Manufacturers

Some of the medical manufacturing companies creating this type of testing equipment today include Balance, Euroclinic, Synapsys, Gaes Medica, Natus, Interacoustics, Biomed, and Vesticon.

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