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Features of uroflowmeters

They can determine if a patient is having difficulty urinating or slow urination. They can also use this type of test to determine more about whether there are issues in the urinary tract or the sphincter muscles. A range of conditions can cause problems with a person’s urine flow. Some of these conditions include prostate cancer, bladder cancer, urinary blockage, enlargement of the prostate or urinary tract infections.

How uroflowmeters work

These meters are typically wireless, and they are computer based. As mentioned, there is a funnel, along with a collection chamber for the urine. The units today are computerized, which can help to eliminate some of the work when it comes to measuring the amount and flow of the urine in the patient. The doctors may need to measure the urine for many different reasons.

About uroflowmeters

Uroflowmetry is a type of diagnostic test that doctors will use when they need to check a patient’s urine to determine whether there is a problem with the flow rate or the amount of urine. This is a very simple procedure for the medical professional and the patient, and it does not cause any pain. It simply requires a funnel, as well as a device called a urinary flow meter, or a uroflowmeter.

Uroflowmeter Manufacturers

These are relatively common devices, and you will find quite a few different manufacturers that are making them today. Some of the brands that you might want to look for include Laborie, Medica, Mediwatch, SRS Medical, Mcube, Prometheus and MMS (Medical Measurement Systems).

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