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Stress Test System Description

When you are looking for a stress test system to rent or lease for your clinic or lab, you have to consider a range of factors. First, you must consider the type of stress test machine you will need from those available. Do you need a full treadmill test, or would another type of machine work better for you? You also must think about ease of use, the size of the machine, and the number of patients you will be seeing. Having convenient access and easy to use machines that can provide you with quick, accurate results is essential.

Features of stress test systems

Because there are several types of stress test systems and because there are different manufacturers, the features and options between them can vary substantially. Some are mounted onto trolleys, which can make moving them from room to room easy. Others are treadmill tests that will require a special area of their own. Always make sure those who are using the piece of equipment you rent or lease understand how to use all the features.

How stress test systems work

Several varieties of these systems exist today. They include treadmill tests, stress EKGs, and exercise stress tests. These tests are performed in a clinical setting, so the doctors can record the information and prescribe the best course of action for their patients.

Doctors can utilize these machines to help with assessment for issues such as shortness of breath, chest pains, determining how a patient’s heart medications are working, checking for abnormal heart rhythms, and even to help patients create a safe workout program.

About stress test systems

Stress test systems are utilized by doctors to get a better understanding of just how much stress a person’s heart can put up with before issues arise. Some of the things that the cardiac stress test systems will look for include the amount of stress the heart can undergo before it starts to beat at an abnormal rhythm, as well as when the flow of blood to the heart drops.

Stress Test System Manufacturers

Some of the top brands offering various medical stress test systems include Allengers, Custo-Med, Mortara, Phillips, Nasiff Associates, Inc., Contec, GE Healthcare, DRE, MGC Diagnostics, Innomed, Cortex, Medset, Piston, and Norav. These are some of the manufacturers available. You should not have any trouble locating a manufacturer with a quality piece of equipment to rent.

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