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Stands and Table Description

You will want to consider quite a few things when choosing the stands and tables. First, what types and styles will you need to have? What features do the tables have and are they adjustable? Also, consider just how many of these stands and tables you will need.

Features of stands and tables

One of the types of stands that you will want to have in all of the exam rooms, patient rooms, etc., is an instrument stand. This is where the caregiver will place their instruments while they are working with the patient. This is generally covered with a chux pad, and then the instruments and other items are place on top of the table. This provides a cleaner environment.

These stands are generally adjustable, and they are easy to maneuver. Some may have extra trays or space for instruments, as well. There are several options. In addition, there are infusion pump stands that might be required for certain rooms and patients. Again, these can have a range of features and options on them.

How stands and tables work

These instrument stands will generally be on wheels so they can be moved around the room easily. They will be shaped so that they can fit the wheels beneath the bed and the surface of the stand over the patient’s bed. This brings all of the instruments closer to the patient so the caregiver does not have to reach. These stands can be helpful for minor procedures, dressing changes, and more.

Consider the tables, as well. These typically refer to the bedside and overbed tables for the patients. If you have patients who will be in the beds for longer than an hour or so, having these tables is generally a good idea.

About stands and tables

Medical clinics and hospitals need to have a wide array of equipment to run properly, but some of the items that are only given an afterthought include tables and stands. However, they are essential to a facility that runs smoothly. When it comes to medical tables and stands, there are many different types and many options that you might need to have for caregivers and patients.

Stands and Table Manufacturers

There are quite a few different companies that are manufacturing items in the category of medical tables and stands. Some of the top companies include Clinton and Better Enterprise, but there are plenty of other options out there.

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