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Smoke Evacuators

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Smoke Evacuator Description

During many surgical procedures, including laser procedures, there is a large amount of odor, toxic gases, and particulates in the air. It is essential that the operating room have a smoke evacuator that can help to remove this smoke and the other particulates that are in the air.

Features of smoke evacuators

When you are choosing a smoke evacuator, research is in order. You need to consider the type of filtration system it is using to make sure it will work well for your operating room. you also need to consider some of the other factors that you might not have even thought of including the noise factor.

You do not want to use a smoke evacuator that is noisy. There are already noises in the OR, and you do not need anything else adding to the cacophony. After all, the personnel need to be able to hear one another. In addition, you should make sure the unit is capable of providing enough suction. Also, check to see if the device is portable. This may not be needed in all cases, but portability is a nice benefit, as long as it is still powerful. In addition to the unit make sure you can get filters for replacement when needed.

How smoke evacuators work

There are a number of different models and styles of evacuator on the market. All of them work in a similar fashion. They have a suction device that is placed in the room where the surgery is taking place and then turned on. Once it is on, the suction from the evacuator should remove smoke, odor, and other particulates from the air.

High quality evacuators can provide some substantial benefits including the ability to trap and remove even the smallest particulates from the air. Many of them are extremely small and portable, and they have hands free operation. Once you set them up, they can go to work and start cleaning the air.

Smoke Evacuator Manufacturers

There are a number of different manufacturers making these smoke evacuators today. They include eMed, MedGyn, Medical Laser, DRE Veterinary, MDC, Bowa, and ConMed.

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