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Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs)s

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Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) Description

If you plan to use this in a  home-stting, or if you plan to use it in a clinic, be sure to know all of the features and options that the device has before renting. Make sure that you also check the sleeves. If they are disposable, you should throw them away after using them. Make sure that you buy enough of the sleeves to cover the period that you need to rent or lease the device. The KWIPPED supplier network will happily answer any product-specific SCD questions you might have.

Features of sequential compression devices (scds)s

sequential compression device rentalNaturally, the different models will have their own features, but you will find that the core features of the pumps are very similar throughout. They all have a compressor pump, as well as sleeves for the legs. Often, these are disposable. The pump has a number of different settings as well, and the user will be able to calibrate it to their own needs. Setting up the system is typically quite simple, but it is a good idea to use the doctor’s guidelines when determining the proper pressure to use with the system.

How sequential compression devices (scds)s work

The sequential compression devices work quite simply. They have disposable sleeves that attach to the legs of the patient, which also attach to a hose and an air pump. The sleeves wrap tightly around the legs, and the pump then supplies pressure. This is helpful for those who need to have bed rest, and those who are immobile alike, and it can keep the clots at bay. Some also use it to help with the occasional swelling of the extremities.

About sequential compression devices (scds)s

A sequential compression device, or SCD, which also goes by the name lymphedema pump, is used by patients to place intermittent compression on their legs. The goal of the device is to prevent the possibility of the formation of blood clots in the lower part of the leg. These clots can eventually break off and make their way to the lungs. This can cause respiratory distress or respiratory failure. Many different things can cause injuries to the legs that can form blood clots, including injury, hypercoagulability, and stasis. The compression provided by these devices helps to stave off the formation of the clots.

Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) Applications

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Peripheral Edema
  • Blood Clots

Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) Manufacturers

  • Bio Compression Systems, Inc.
  • Kendall
  • Coviden

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