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Sample Preparations

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Features of sample preparations

Some might be taking urine, fecal matter, or blood samples. This can vary, and there could be a host of different materials that need to be prepared. You might not even be dealing directly with human samples, and might be working with animals instead.
Some might need to have a solid phase extractor, plates, digest kits, chromatography machines, and more. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

About sample preparations

For many clinics and labs, it is essential to prepare samples onsite, and that means you need to have the right type of equipment to help with the job. There are many different types of equipment that might fall into this category of sample prep. Some of the different types of equipment that might fall into this field include freezers, refrigerators, hoods, centrifuges, autoclaves, incubators, and ovens. There are many different types of items in this category, and the needs of each clinic or lab can vary greatly.

Sample Preparation Manufacturers

With all of the different types of items that could fall into this category, you can find a wealth of different manufacturers. Some of the many that created products in this category include ThermoFisher and Agilent.

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