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Radiofrequency (RF) Generators

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Radiofrequency (RF) Generators

  On average, radiofrequency (rf) generators rent 2.0 months for:


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Features of radiofrequency (rf) generators

These generators can range in size, but they tend to be small enough that they can sit on a rack or a tabletop without worry. The options available today tend to be relatively easy to control, and they should have easy to read displays, automatic temperature control, and a range of presets that can make use in a busy clinic much easier for you. The number of electrodes on the models can vary, as can their individual features and options.

Some of the devices are specialized. In addition to a “regular” RF generator, you can also find those that are specifically used for pain management, as well as those that are used for podiatry, and for neurosurgery.

How radiofrequency (rf) generators work

The generators have electrodes attached to them that create heat by using high-frequency, alternating current. The probes are placed into a tumor’s center, which can then help to melt the tissue that is near the probes. Ablation has been used on bone, liver, kidneys, the brain, soft tissue, nerve ganglia, and more. The destroyed tissue is not removed, but instead becomes scar tissue.

About radiofrequency (rf) generators

Radiofrequency generators, or RF generators are used to help with pain management and with radiofrequency ablation, or RFA. The generator will provide pulsed RF output along with heat to help reduce pain in patients. These are often used in pain management clinics, and they have seen a lot of use with podiatry patients who are in pain.

Radiofrequency (RF) Generator Manufacturers

Many medical manufacturers today create radiofrequency generators including Cosman, Advanced Energy, Comdel, ENI, and Seren. You can find just what you are looking and what will be the best solution for your patients and clinic.

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