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Patient Scale Description

When you are renting or leasing patient scales for your clinic, the first thing you have to do is think about your patients. Who are they? If you work in pediatrics, then you will want scales that are going to work for children who are the age that you typically treat. If you have a patient who is in a wheelchair, it is often easier to have a wheelchair scale that can provide you with an accurate weight. Do you want a scale that can also measure the person’s height?

Once you know the types of scales, you need, you can then start to narrow your choices and look at the features, options, and ease of use of the different models.

Features of patient scales

Today, you will find that there are many different types of scales available and that might be needed in your office. There are scales that also include height rods to measure how tall a person is, along with scales that are made for infants and small children, such as an inclined pediatric scale seat and baby scales. There are seated scales, scales for wheelchairs, digital scales and traditional scales, stretcher scales, and more.

The scales are available in different sizes, and some even have wireless connectivity. There are scales for just about every occasion and certainly for every patient. You will find that even though the scales all tend to do the same thing, they may operate slightly differently. The manual scales are going to take more time to use, and the digital scales may offer not only the weight, but also the height and BMI.

About patient scales

Any medical clinic should have several scales. Ideally, you will have scales in all of the exam rooms. This is important for many reasons. Knowing a person’s true weight is essential when it comes to giving anesthesia, medications, and ensuring their health. It is important to have scales for the patients that are accurate, as well. Whether you work with adults, children, the elderly, or if you run a veterinary clinic, you need to make sure you have accurate and up to date weights for all of the patients. Having good quality scales is the only way to ensure that happens.

Patient Scale Manufacturers

Today, you can find patient scales from many manufacturers. Several of the manufacturers who are making these scales today include Inmoclinic, Boso, Detecto, Ca-Mi, Kern, Rad Wag, Davi & Cia, and Marsden.

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