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Orthopedic Power Equipments

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Orthopedic Power Equipment

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Features of orthopedic power equipments

Large bone power equipment is used for procedures such as total knee replacement, hip replacement, drilling, adding screws to the bone, and similar tasks.

How orthopedic power equipments work

Small bone power equipment helps the surgeons who are working on the smaller bones of the body, such as the extremities. This type of equipment would be useful for those who are working in hand surgery, oral surgery, and foot and ankle surgery. This orthopedic power equipment would be helpful for small animal veterinary, as well.

About orthopedic power equipments

Those who work in the field of orthopedics have a wide range of tools at their disposal, including many different types of orthopedic power equipment. The equipment that will typically fall into this category can vary quite a bit, too. For example, one of the most essential pieces of equipment would be orthopedic tables. Some of these have power, which can make them more easily adjustable. In addition, cast cutters would technically be considered power equipment.

Orthopedic Power Equipment Manufacturers

Orthopedic power equipment can encompass different types of equipment, and that means there are many different manufacturers who are making the devices. Some of the popular names include Dolsan, Shree, Stryker, Linvatec, Hall, Whittemore, and Synthes. 

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